Pepperdine Law Swears in Recent Graduates

The Pepperdine School of Law welcomed 90 recent graduates to the California Bar Admissions Ceremony in the Caruso Auditorium on December 7. Deanell Reece Tacha, Duane and Kelly Roberts Dean of the Pepperdine School of Law, presided over the ceremony.

The recent results of the July 2012 California bar exams showed that Pepperdine achieved high marks, continuing a more than five-year run of strong showings. The passage rate for all takers was 55.3 percent, and the passage rate for all first-time takers from California ABA-approved schools was 77 percent. Pepperdine graduates, however, exceeded those numbers, achieving an 86 percent passage rate of first-time takers of the California bar exam, and a 91 percent passage rate for those taking the bar out of state.

“The admission of our students to the bar is a milestone both for our students and for the law school,” said Dean Tacha. “It represents the culmination of significant personal and professional aspirations for the new admitees and for the faculty and staff who have invested so much of themselves in assuring the success of Pepperdine lawyers.”

She continued, “Our aspirations and professional reputations are bound together and mutually sought. At Pepperdine we care deeply about each student and work throughout their law school experience toward the high professional moment of bar admission. We are so proud of the achievements of Pepperdine Law graduates. At this bar admission ceremony,we join with them in celebrating and wishing them the very best as they launch their legal careers. It is an exciting and fulfilling event for everyone.”

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