A Summer Abroad

As the summer sessions came to an end, four Pepperdine Law students shared their experiences as young legal scholars living and studying in a foreign country.

Kristine Gamboa – London: A third-year law student, Gamboa always wanted to experience firsthand the culture and history that surrounded some her favorite British authors. Her decision to apply to Pepperdine was, in part, due to the law school’s London Program. One of the highlights of the experience? Having the opportunity to see barristers advocate in wigs.

Mia Getlin – Tanzania: The second-year law student, who plans to pursue a career in estate planning, spent her summer volunteering at a school in Sakila, Tanzania, a village just outside of Arusha.

“I wanted to spend some time volunteering this summer,” she said. “I support several charities financially but, between my previous career and now law school, I haven’t been able to give as much of my time as I’d like. My husband and I sponsor a child at the school in Sakila through their sponsorship program (http://sakilasponsorship.org), and volunteering with them was perfect because I got a great trip in, too.”

Lauren McAllister – London: The decision to study abroad was quite simple for McAllister—she simply hadn’t had many opportunities to travel to a foreign country. That is, until she came to Pepperdine. The second-year law student said this of her experience:

“I think London is a fascinating place to study law because this is where American courts are rooted, but there are now so many differences between the countries. I love learning about how the different facets of the legal system works in London versus the United States.”

Kelsey O’Leary – London: The second-year law student believes that exposure to different cultures and jumping out of her comfort zone are two keys to personal and professional growth.

“Every country has a different set of laws,” she said. “What is so interesting about this is that culture and values can be so strongly intertwined with the law a country develops. Professionally, study abroad exposes me to the reality of the global business world, as many companies and law firms are now operating on a global level. The opportunity to work within this global network during my 1L summer was the reason I chose London for my study abroad experience. The Summer London Program provides students the chance to work in England’s legal field. I was interested in obtaining a business-oriented legal clinical, so my experience working for Genworth Financial’s legal department was a perfect fit.”

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