Pepperdine Law Celebrates Passover with Seder

Students, faculty, and staff from the School of Law gathered to celebrate Passover by participating in an on-campus Seder hosted by the Jewish Law Student Association in March. More than 40 members of the Pepperdine Law community came together in a roundtable formation surrounded by matzo and conversations about the history of Jewish traditions, specifically about the liberation of the Israelites from the slavery of ancient Egypt.

“This kind of event really marks the coming together of all ages,” said Tzipora Goodfriend, president of Pepperdine Law’s Jewish Law Students Association. “It is not an exclusive event. It is a time of learning and enjoying each other’s company.”

A traditional Seder is led by the patriarch of a family and is comprised of a dinner table setting in which the father or grandfather shares stories with his children or grandchildren that focus on the Jewish culture. Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, a member of the adjunct faculty at the law school, led the Pepperdine Law Seder.

“It is an amazing tradition because young children are given the opportunity to ask questions about anything they want,” Goodfriend said. “It’s a key moment in the education of their heritage.”

The Seder, which was among others held on the Malibu campus, is an annual event that has continued at the School of Law for more than a decade.
Goodfriend noted, “We were so happy to embrace this opportunity to join together, especially with Dean Tacha who has been a huge supporter of ours since joining the Pepperdine Law School family.”

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