Jay Milbrandt’s Latest Book Challenges Readers to “Go + Do”

Jay Milbrandt’s (MBA ’07, JD ‘ 08) latest book, Go + Do, was welcomed by readers at an official release reception held at the School of Law in April. Published by Tyndale House, the book is a compilation of firsthand accounts of Milbrandt’s work overseas as the director of Pepperdine’s Global Justice Program. According to Milbrandt, it serves as a challenge to “go out into the world, witness the raw edges of humanity, and then do something about what you see.”

Nearly 100 students and faculty attended the reception, many with their own stories of having traveled abroad as part of the Global Justice Program. Among them was vice dean Tim Perrin.

“So often a book is about things that don’t reflect the character and experiences of the author,” Perrin said. “That’s what makes this book so special. It really is a reflection of Jay and his work.”

Robert Cochran, director of the Herbert and Elinor Nootbaar Institute on Law, Religion, and Ethics, and Louis D. Brandeis Professor of Law, says the book shines a unique light on law school publications.

“In law schools, as in other corners of universities, there is a tendency to talk a lot about fighting injustice, poverty, and powerlessness, and to leave it at that,” he said. “Jay’s book calls us to put our theory into practice, in his, and Jesus’, words, to ‘Go and Do.’ Jay has led many of us at the law school to get on the ground and to try to change some part of the world. This book wonderfully challenges a much broader audience to do so.”

When asked about his purpose for writing the book, Milbrandt said, “When we look out at the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We want to help, but we don’t know where to start or what to do. I hope that Go + Do encourages readers to overcome these obstacles and make a small corner of the world a better place. It’s a dare to embark on a journey.”

The book is available for purchase at the Pepperdine Law School bookstore, at Barnes & Noble, and on Amazon.com.

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