California State Bar Releases Results for July 2011 Exam

Results of the July 2011 California Bar Exam were made public in February and Pepperdine School of Law students had another strong showing.

The overall passage rate for all takers was 54.8 percent and the pass rate for schools accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) in California was 76.2 percent for first-time takers. Pepperdine’s passage rate, however, was significantly higher at 86.3 percent.

The 86 percent ranks Pepperdine School of Law in the top four of all California ABA-accredited schools. Only USC, Stanford, and Boalt were higher.

In addition, Pepperdine achieved a perfect record among out-of-state, first-time takers with 100 percent passing among the 30 exam takers. Since 2008, 109 out of 110 Pepperdine law students have passed out-of-state bar exams on their first attempt.

“We are very gratified that our graduates have done so well on the California Bar Exam,” Dean Tacha said. “The examination is rigorous and challenging. Passing the bar is an important step toward meaningful and productive work in the legal profession. Pepperdine Law School strives throughout its academic programs to provide a legal education that will equip our graduates for success in the profession. We will watch all aspects of their future careers with pride. We applaud the hard work, dedication, and talent that they brought to the bar examination, and will, we are confident, bring to their professional endeavors.”

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